Stealth warship INS Kamorta inducted into Indian Navy

Efforts of the Indian Navy to boost self reliance has reached another milestone as INS Kamorta, the country’s first indigenous Anti-Submarine corvette hit the sea on Saturday.

An official statement said that INS Kamorta was commissioned on Saturday from the docks of Kolkata by Indian Defence Minister Arun Jaitley.

ins kamorta

Speaking on the occasion, Jaitley said, “I am sure INS Kamorta will serve this country effectively for a very long time.”

“Our effective preparedness is always the best guarantee for peace in this region. Our armed forces have been effectively discharging that function,”

According to reports, the INS Kamorta being the first of the four indigenously built anti-submarine warfare corvette has been built by the Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineer (GRSE) of Kolkata with a design from the Directorate of Naval Design.

Launched back in 2010, the INS Kamorta has been waiting for the commissioning ever since its acquisition by the Indian Navy on 12th of July this year.

“Ninety percent of this ship is indigenous. Its steel is entirely indigenous. Its design and making has taken place at the Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers in Kolkata, one of our foremost shipbuilding yards,” he said.

Jaitley added, “In the recent months amongst the various initiatives government has undertaken, one is indigenous manufacture of our Defence deployment. It’s about time that we cease to be the biggest buyer in the world and became the biggest manufacturer in the world.”

INS Kamorta is the first indigenous anti-submarine corvette as well as the first indigenous stealth corvette built by India.

With a span length of 109 m and a beam of 13.7m, the ASW corvette could displace about 3,500 of full load, powered by four by 5,096 hp diesel engines at 1050 rpm.

INS Kamorta equips a well-quipped weaponry on board. Fitting in its arsenal are the OTO Melara 76 mm main gun, AK-630 guns, 3M54 Klub anti ship missiles and the RBU-6000 anti submarine rocket launchers.

The ASW would also be carrying the Active Towed Array Decoy System (ATDS) and VLS launched Barak 1 SAM (Surface-to-Air Missiles) with the capability of hoarding an integral ASW helicopter.

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