BTS to host FREE CONCERT in Busan in October, fans say ‘broke ARMYs let’s swim’

BTS' V, BLACKPINK Member Jennie Dating Rumors Soar As Alleged Pic of Duo Taken In His Home Leaks
BTS' V, BLACKPINK Member Jennie Dating Rumors Soar As Alleged Pic of Duo Taken In His Home Leaks

BTS is undoubtedly the biggest music act in the world at the moment but fans know the boy group members for being the humble kings that they are. Over the years, members of BTS have been vocal about how they wish to host one free concert for fans all over the world to attend and it seems that the day is soon to come. During BTS’ ‘Permission To Dance on Stage’ concert in Las Vegas, Jin reminded fans how they are happy about their present success but their only wish remains to host a concert free of charge that fans from all over the world can attend.

Now as BTS members have been selected as the Honorary Ambassadors of the 2030 World Expo in Busan, fans are shocked to learn that the boy group will be hosting a concert in mid-October this year which will have free tickets for fans. With the last World Expo being held in Dubai in 2020, the 2025 World Expo is all set to be held in Osaka, Japan. Years ahead of the next World Expo after 2025, South Korea is already placing its bid for the 2030 event to be hosted in Busan and for that, the world-famous boy group BTS is ready to participate in the promotions of the event.

BTS to host a concert free of charge for fans

Last month, it was announced that BTS members will be the Honorary PR Ambassadors for the Expo. On July 19, BTS members attended the appointment ceremony which was held in the HYBE Building in Seoul. The 2030 Busan World Expo Bidding Committee and Busan City hosted the ceremony where BTS were given plaques as they were officially appointed as the PR ambassadors for the upcoming event.

As South Korea places its bid to be the next country to host the next World Expo, BTS members will take the renowned leaders of the World Expo committee on a tour around Busan later this year. In preparation for their roles as ambassadors, BTS will host a concert in Busan City for their fans in October. Reports on August 6 confirmed that BTS indeed will host a concert in Busan in the months to come with free tickets at a stadium with 550,000 seats.

According to the report on the 6th, BTS’s concert for the 2030 Busan Expo is scheduled to be held in MID- OCTOBER!

It is known that Hybe has agreed to hold this CONCERT FREE of charge, reflecting the people’s aspiration to host the Busan Expo.

The news of BTS members finally being able to fulfill their dreams of having a free concert has fans all around the world praising the boys for their humility whereas international fans joke how they will be moving to South Korea in the months to come.

One fan said, “We’re getting a FREE BTS CONCERT in busan… but i’m no where near busan.”

One more fan said, “Bts concert for FREE… wow— AND I WONT BE THERE.” They also said, “First bts concert for FREE was with less than 10k people, now second bts concert for FREE will be with MUCH MUCH MORE than 10k people.”

One fan said, “BTS concert for free and i won’t be one of the armys there…”

Another fan said, “Bts free concert in busan ,,, and I’m not there.” One more fan said, “Free bts concert and I still can’t go.” A fan said, “When i realized it’s BTS FREE CONCERT but i won’t be part of the concert.”

One fan said, “A free BTS Concert and I’m not going this is sick.” One more fan said, “The concert free????????????? A BTS concert……for free…”

Another fan said, “Not me actually thinking about flying to s korea for the free bts concert lmao.” One fan joked, “BTS FREE CONCERT?!?!?!? TIME TO SWIM TO KOREA IG.”

Another fan said, “Me and my broke army friends going to south korea to attend the bts free concert.” One more fan joked, “There’s going to be a free bts concert in korea this mid-october for the 2030 Busan expo- wait why are you crying?”

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  1. I’m crying too. Free BTS concert a dream for those of us that are poor and could never afford to go to one. Then they say they are taking a break and we cry ’cause there wouldn’t be one to go to when we could afford one. Now it’s free, in Busan SK, and still can’t go. Not fair… Hybe please stream it live to homes, not just theaters, please. Not all of us ARMY can afford these things. Please!!! 😳🎤🎵🙏🏽😍😥😭😭😭😭

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