Have you seen the Samsung Launches Galaxy Note Edge with Side Display

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note Edge on Wednesday alongside the much awaited Galaxy Note 4. We found Note Edge more interesting as it uses Samsung’s flexible-display technology that came out last year and has a unique edge display. edge note While the main screen is flat like Samsung’s previous phones, the right edge extends in a curvature till the back. The unique side display is used to provide information like weather and mail notifications which can be seen from the side of the phone.

When held horizontally, the phone’s camera functions more like a point-and-shoot camera with the shutter button and other functions appearing on top. The side display can also be used as a one-tap access apps on the home screen like the flashlight, the stopwatch, alerts etc even after the flip cover is closed or the screen gets locked. Cool huh!

While Note has 5,7 inch screen, the Galaxy Note Edge features a 5.60-inch Quad-HD+ (1440 +160 pixels x2560 pixel) Super AMOLED display. Both are powered by a 2.7GHz quad-core processor with a 3GB RAM and 32 GB storage.

Note Edge also supports a 64 GB version, Android 4.4 OS and has a battery capacity of 3000mAh. It features a 16-megapixel rear camera and a 3.7-megapixel front camera. (So you can get a better selfie to post online!)

Note Edge is being seen as Samsung’s answer to Apple’s much awaited iPhone 6. Note Edge has clearly stolen the first round with its unique display. Price and release dates are still awaited on Note Edge.