Ohio High School shooter escapes from jail, gets captured later

After being a notorious student, the high school goer- T.J Lane was serving three years imprisonment in the Ohio prison from where he was successful in escaping. Lane broke out of custody but was later traced and brought back into the premises of the jail. This happened on September 12, 2014.

Lane along with two other prisoners of the same jail broke out of the Allen Correctional facility and were also able to surpass the facility’s main perimeter fence. The other two who went ahead with lane were also captured and the trio were brought back to the prison.

Lane was captured about 100 yards from the vicinity of the perimeter fence. Now this incident has risen a question on the warden, Kevin Jones who will have to answer to the higher authorities how something like this happened.

Jones is also taken aback by the whole incident but has promised to keep the security even more stern and worthwhile. For him the only saving grace is that all the three prisoners who had made their way into the common world are once again in their custody.

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Lane who is 19, shot and killed three students at Chardon High School on February 27, 2012, he has been given three years punishment. The students and the people at the Chardon HIgh School are in literal terms terrorised by Lane and thus kept the school closed today, September 12, 2014. They said, “the safety and well-being of our students, staff and community remain our highest priority.”

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