BTS’ Jimin running to hug Jin and V leaves ARMY in tears; watch Run BTS 2022 viral video

BTS’ Jimin is a mushball, says ARMY after watching Run BTS 2022 Special Episode. They were absolutely floored to see how childlike he is and how excited he gets to see his fellow band members and friends. A video, that is going viral on social media shows Jimin running to Jin and V as they complete the second task in the episode. The moment he spots them at the location he runs to give them a bear hug. The video has won the hearts of ARMY.

“RUN BTS Special Episode: VMIN’s laugh of relief seeing each other on the same place + VMINJIN HUG,” a fan wrote. Another one said, “M CRYING SO BAD, JIMIN LAUGHING SO HAPPILY AND RUNNING TO HUG TAEJIN.” An excited ARMY wrote, “The big embrace when kim taehyung, park jimin & kim seokjin met each other !! Run bts is back #RunBTSComeback.”

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An emotional fan who misses the boyband was touched by the moment. “ngl, the taejinmin reunion hug on today’s run bts made me cry real tears… I got immediately emotional as soon as jimin started to them… how can some ppl still try to deny their bond? they’re soulmates, the seven of them. it was always meant to be. I miss them so much,” the tweet reads. Take a look at how fans are reacting:

For the unversed, “Run BTS” first aired on August 1, 2015. It follows the septet as they play games or participate in a variety of activities that require them to complete challenges. The season three finale of “Run BTS”, which was the 156th episode of the show, premiered on October 12, 2021. In the season finale, BTS had played games from previous episodes, reminisced memories and promised fans to return with another chapter.

The first episode of the Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode: Telepathy Part 1 has released on Weverse, V LIVE, or YouTube.

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