Katrina Kaif ignores Priyanka Chopra at Film City

Reportedly actress Priyanka Chopra was shooting in Film City’s studio for director Sanjay Gupta’s upcoming sequel. During lunchtime Katrina Kaif had come to the sets.

According to Emirates247 website, a cold war is brewing between top Bollywood star and former Miss world Priyanka Chopra and actress Katrina Kaif.

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She refused to come inside and directly went to choreographer Ahmed Khan’s van. There director Siddharth Anand joined them and the three had a meeting for two hours discussing songs for the movie “Bang Bang”.

The movie stars Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan and is being directed by Siddharth Anand. Apparently , Ahmed is choreographing all the ‘Bang Bang’ songs and he had been unable to meet Katrina as he was busy shooting back-to-back for Sanjay’s sequel.

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Katrina and Priyanka did not bother to greet each other. Katrina apparently left without stepping inside the sets after the meeting surprising Priyanka.

This was not the case earlier however Katrina may have not forgiven Priyanka for being linked to her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. But it is time to move on as the two are just friends.