Did BTS’ Kim Nam-joon Beat Henry Cavill As World’s Most Handsome Man?!

Did Kim Nam-joon of the Korean boy band BTS Cavill as the World’s Most Handsome Man?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!

Claim : Kim Nam-joon Beat Henry Cavill As World’s Most Handsome Man!

On 26 August 2022, the Internet went berserk with the news that Kim Nam-joon beat Henry Cavill as the World’s Most Handsome Man in the TC Candler survey.

Many websites went viral with articles claiming that the Korean boy band leader (also known as RM) dethroned Henry Cavill for the title. Here is just two examples :

BTS Member Kim Namjoon is now the most handsome man in the world by defeating Henry Cavill, says a survey by TC Candler.

Henry Cavill, was considered the most handsome man in the world. However, BTS leader has taken away the title from him.

The British actor Henry Cavill is undoubtedly the most popular actor presently. He is the number 1 Superman, ran with Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, is Geralt in The Witcher, and is a contender for the next James Bond.

However, he is still one place behind in the list of the most handsome men in the world. Although he dominated the list for quite a long time, according to netizens Superman doesn’t hold a candle to BTS leader, RM!

According to a recent survey that TC Candler conducted for the most handsome man alive, Kim Namjoon also known as RM raced ahead of him to take the number one spot. Although this is the first time for the Korean pop star, Cavill has been a permanent feature on the list.

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Kim Namjoon Beat Henry Cavill As World's Most Handsome Man?

Kim Nam-joon Did Not Beat Henry Cavill As World’s Most Handsome Man… Yet

The truth is – this is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created to generate hype for the page views and ad money, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Henry Cavill Was Never Voted World’s Most Handsome Man

As handsome as Witcher star Henry Cavill is, he was never voted World’s Most Handsome Man in any TC Candler annual lists.

In fact, both Henry Cavill and RM (Kim Nam-joon) were never even in the Top 5 of any TC Candler annual list ever!

So the claim that RM from BTS beat Henry Cavill for the top spot is already wrong.

Fact #2 : Voting Only Takes Place In December

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TC Candler only opens voting for the 100 Most Beautiful Faces and 100 Most Handsome Faces in December of every year.

In other words, voting has not even occurred for the 2022 edition of either list, so any claim that Kim Nam-joon or Henry Cavill winning the 2022 list is false.

Fact #3 : TC Candler Refuted The Claim

TC Candler issued a statement on August 23, 2022, refuting the claim that Kim Nam-joon beat Henry Cavill as the World’s Most Handsome Man in their survey.


For those who haver been asking and spreading the meme… No, we have not released the 2022 Lists yet. We only ever release the Top 100 lists in late December.

As much as we like both RM (Kim Nam-joon) and Henry Cavill, neither of them has ever been crowned the winner or even been in the Top 5.

Nothing has been decided in 2022 and nothing will be until we hold a vote in December.

If you see the meme or the news story floating around social media, please ignore and don’t share.

Thank you — TC Candler

Kim Nam-joon Beat Henry Cavill As World's Most Handsome Man?

Fact #4 : This Is Just Another Example Of Celebrity Fake News

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This is yet another example of fake news created by celebrity blogs to drive traffic and increase page views for ad money.

Here are examples of other celebrity fake news that we debunked earlier:

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