#JungkookDay Trends on BTS Star JungKook’s Birthday

Charlie Puth slams Jungkook's hater, BTS fans say 'don't mess with him'

 It is South Korean singer and songwriter Jungkook’s birthday today and Twitter cannot keep calm. It is a fact that ARMY is as huge as one can imagine but on the occassion of BTS’ singer’s birthday, #JungkookDay is trending on social media.

With this, people are sharing images and videos of the star. If tweeples are to be believed, the hashtag, #JungkookDay has nearly 1.2 million tweets already.

Also called the ‘Golden Maknae of BTS,’ Jungkook rules the hearts of millions with his charismatic smile and comforting voice. Even though the boy band has announced a short break, each member of BTS continues to enjoy massive fandom because every now and then, they drop solo songs showcasing their own journey and how much they have evolved as an individual.

The love Jungkook gets from his fans can be measured by the fact that they have already started trending his name on Twitter to celebrate his birthday in unison.


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