15 Best Analytical Tools to Track Business Sales

Analytical Tools

If someone were to show you a cookie jar made of opaque porcelain and ask you to guess how many cookies were inside, it would be quite difficult for you to do so. There is just not sufficient information to make an accurate approximation without knowing the cookies’ dimensions, the jar’s capacity, and the percentage of space occupied by the cookies within the jar. Exactly the same as the previous example, it is important to make a proper strategy of Selling and Marketing your product before starting any business.

Imagine, however, that the jar in question is composed of glass. In addition, you are aware of the precise volume and weight of the jar, the dimensions and weights of each cookie, and the maximum number of cookies that may be stored in the jar at one time. You are now in a location to offer a prediction that is significantly more precise.

This is the benefit that a company receives from using sales analytics technologies. They make the information that is required for businesses to have confidence in their predictions available. In this in-depth guide, we will address some of the most often asked concerns regarding the roles and advantages of sales analytics, as well as talk about some of its most important elements. 

In addition to that, we will provide you with a rundown of the top twenty analytical CRM platforms that are now available on the market. Followings are the best analytical tools for tracking business sales.

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Gong
  • Active Campaign
  • SharpSpring
  • Clari
  • Looker
  • People.ai
  • InsideSales
  • Outreach
  • Aviso
  • QuotaPath
  • Creatio
  • Revenue Grid
  • Kluster
  • Nutshell

Salesforce Cloud:

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that was developed to assist with business-to-business (B2B), as well as business-to-customer (B2C), sales, marketing, and customer support.

The Sales Cloud is a fully customizable product that gathers all of the customer information into one integrated platform. This platform incorporates marketing, lead generation, sales, customer service, and business analytics. Additionally, the Sales Cloud provides access to thousands of applications through AppExchange. 

In addition to a mobile app, the platform can be accessed through a web browser using the software delivery model known as Software as a Service (SaaS). Users are able to share information with one another or ask inquiries of the user community when there is a real-time social feed for cooperation.


Gong is a reality unlocking platform that assists individuals and businesses in realizing their greatest potential. The patented Gong Revenue Intelligence Platforms enables customer-facing teams to make the most of their most valuable assets, which are customer interactions, which are automatically captured and analyzed by the Gong platform. 

This empowers customer-facing teams to take advantage of their most valuable assets. After that, Gong will give insights at scale, which will enable revenue and go-to-market teams to select the appropriate steps to take in order to achieve winning outcomes. 

Gong is trusted by thousands of innovative organizations such as Morningstar Inc., Paychex, LinkedIn, Shopify, Slack, SproutSocial, and Twilio to power their customer reality. Zillow is another company that has placed its faith in Gong. Gong is a privately held firm with operations based in the Greater San Francisco Area.

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Active Campaign:

Over 130,000 organizations in 170 countries are able to effectively engage with their consumers with the assistance of Active Campaign’s customer experience automation platform (CXA), which defines its category. The platform makes it possible for businesses of any size to gain access to more than five hundred pre-built automation that combines CRM, marketing automation, and email marketing in order to achieve effective segmentation and personalization across social media, email, messaging, and chat, and text. 

Active Campaign was founded on the principle that to provide an exceptional customer experience, marketers need to look beyond the conventional marketing touchpoints such as email. More than seventy-five percent of Active Campaign’s customers take advantage of the company’s more than eight hundred fifty integrations, which include those offered by Microsoft, Shopify, Square, Facebook, and Salesforce. The starting price is only $9 per month.


SharpSpring is a revenue growth marketing platform that is owned and operated by Constant Contact. Its purpose is to contribute to small businesses in generating leads, improving conversions to sales, and driving higher returns on their marketing investments. 

Real results may be driven for a developing company or digital marketing agency by utilizing our revolutionary platform, open design, and complimentary client support, in addition to our customizable contract terms.


The entire revenue process can benefit from improvements in efficiency, predictability, and growth thanks to Clair’s revenue platform. Clari provides revenue sides with complete visibility into their businesses, strengthening the rigor of their processes, better aligning buyers and sellers, identifying risk and opportunity in the pipeline, improving the accuracy of their forecasts, and improving overall efficiency. 

Hundreds of thousands of revenue professionals use Clari at industry-leading businesses like Okta, Adobe, Workday, Zoom, and Finastra to make their companies’ revenue processes more connected, efficient, and predictable.


The data discovery app Looker is on the rise, and it can interact with any SQL warehouse or database. Although it is best suited for medium- and large-sized organizations, it is applicable to firms of any size and can be utilized by those.

It provides robust features for collaborative work, superior technical support, and practical visualization, all of which contribute to its user-friendliness. Looker features a straightforward user interface that enables you to link your team so that they may use data on a platform that is both scalable and flexible.


People.ai provides the market with the most advanced Revenue Intelligence platform available. It does this by transforming business activities such as email, meetings, and contacts into account and opportunity management solutions, which in turn increase sales rep productivity, accelerate revenue growth, and maximize marketing ROI. The underlying technology behind this is a patented form of artificial intelligence.


Playbooks from InsideSales, the most intelligent sales interaction platform, can help you speed up the revenue growth of your organization. Sales professionals may boost their productivity with the help of Playbooks, optimize their interactions with customers, and connect with the appropriate buyers. Playbooks go much beyond the capabilities of a conventional sales autodialer or sequencer.

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It helps your team perform more of the correct things, rather than just more overall, which is a significant benefit. Reps are given access to more contacts, as well as tips for who to reach out to, when, and how to do so, which helps to ensure that their efforts are successful. The leadership receives helpful insights into their remote sales team to help them better understand what is working and what isn’t working.


Outreach is the most comprehensive and rapidly expanding sales execution platform provider in the world. With their assistance, businesses are able to significantly boost their levels of productivity and foster more intelligent and insightful contact with their consumers. The only company that offers a solution that integrates sales interaction, conversation intelligence, and revenue insight into a single platform.

Outreach was not only the only sales execution platform to be included in the Forbes Cloud 100, but it was also the vendor in its category with the fastest growth rate on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500. More than five thousand businesses, including Adobe, Tableau, Okta, Splunk, DocuSign, and SAP, rely on enterprise-scale capabilities, unrivaled client adoption, and robust AI-powered innovation.


Aviso AI is an integrated income platform that enables modern sales organizations and revenue teams to successfully close more deals, increase revenue growth, and manage risk through the use of unique artificial intelligence assistance. 

Aviso AI is the only performer with the most inclusive set of intelligent tools and solutions for sales, marketing, and customer success teams, and it is the industry leader in AI-based revenue operations solutions. These tools and solutions allow sales, marketing, and customer success teams to discover the hidden revenue opportunity that each customer presents.


QuotaPath is a programmer for tracking commissions that were developed specifically for use by salespeople. In order to drive a sales process that is more efficient and accurate for teams, we are automating commissions and boosting awareness of complex compensation plans. 

Reps and leaders have a more in-depth grasp of their revenues and the degree to which they have attained their quotas, thanks to real-time data syncs and customizable dashboards. Forecasting makes it simple to see the prospective earnings from pipeline deals, which enables sales representatives to better prioritize their efforts.


Creatio is the industry’s leading provider of ONE platform to automate industry operations and CRM with no programming and the greatest degree of freedom possible. The Creatio product consists of a no-code platform known as Studio Creatio, customer relationship management (CRM) applications known as Marketing, Sales, and Service, industry workflows for 20 different verticals, and marketplace add-ons.

Marketing Creatio is a platform that is already set up and ready to automate marketing campaigns and lead management workflows. It requires no coding and gives users the greatest amount of creative leeway possible. Creatio’s no-code UI builder and drag-and-drop visual design tools make it possible for non-technical people to design and develop complex business applications without having to write any code.

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Revenue Grid:

The platform for Revenue Intelligence helps sales and revenue teams find and get rid of revenue leaks, speed up sales cycles, and provide improved insight into pipeline performance by leveraging real-time contextual guidance. Revenue Grid facilitates increased sales for businesses by giving the following: Through the use of guided selling, human error may be reduced, and sales velocity can be increased. 

Signals based on ideas made by the AI as well as those from your team’s playbook Pipeline Visibility enables users to see at a glance the status of every deal, as well as what has previously been accomplished and what is planned for the future.


The revenue predictability technology offered by Kluster enables SaaS companies to consistently achieve their quarterly goals. By facilitating strategy, planning, and execution, we assist revenue leaders in delivering growth to their organizations. 

The intuitive tools provided by Kluster allow revenue teams to more effectively develop a winning strategy, engineer a plan that delivers targets, execute deal and pipeline management, and more. Analysis at the board level, revenue planning, forecast calls, and pipeline assessments are just some of the things included.


Nutshell is a CRM and email marketing tool rolled into one that enables B2B companies to collaborate more effectively and hence close more business. Nutshell is designed for teams that are sick of juggling separate sales and marketing tools and don’t want to employ a full-time administrator to manage their Software. Nutshell is simple enough for any user to use while yet being smart enough for any firm.

Every Nutshell membership comes with limitless CRM contacts and data storage, completely customized reporting tools, free aid with data transfer, and world-class live support, all of which are included at a price that is incredibly reasonable.

Final Words:

You are now more equipped to manage and comprehend the data that pertains to your company as a result of your improved knowledge of the most effective business analytics tools. This will make it possible for you to improve the efficiency of all aspects of your company and gain a better understanding of what is working. 

In the same way that Microsoft Excel is a wonderful tool to use in conjunction with other business intelligence applications, using SumUp can make the jobs involving financial data easier for you. You will no longer lose sales and will no longer be responsible for paying significant fees to other companies, which can be unpredictable if you use our card reader.


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