Skype to block local voice calls in India

We all are very much fond of Skype and its features but the latest news in the market is that the local calls from India through Skype will no longer be available from the 10th of November 2014.

Skype India

Which means that the most popular Internet based calling system will no longer be available for the users after Nov 10. The Microsoft owned company has not given any excuse or the reason for this statement or the move.

The international calls from India with the help of Skype is still enabled, but not the local calls if you stay in India. If you stay at foreign countries and wish to make a call to a landline or Smartphone you can do it easily with the help of Skype.

Skype has decided to refund the money of the people who have been affected or stimulated due to this statement or move and also have apologized to the people for the same in a statement.

VoIP (Voice Over IP) services provided by Skype to make internet calls is against the regulations of the Government of India which may be a strong reason behind such a big move from the company.

Another such application is Viber which also allows the users to make free calls via internet in India and also in foreign countries may also plan to take up such a big decision (not clear or confirm).

In the beginning of the year there was another big announcement from the Whatsapp Company offering voice calls very soon.

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