Protest in Hong Kong leads to violent clash between protestors and police

Tension rose in the city of Hong-Kong as a group of protesters clashed with police in the heart of the city on Wednesday. Protests were quelled after police sprayed pepper on those who lined up.

The incident took shape on the early hours when the Hong-Kong police tried to clear the protest in an effort to restore smoother traffic inside the city.

Hong Kong


Demanding complete democracy, a group largely comprising students have been holding widespread protest for the past three weeks and have created blockades across the major roadways in the city.

The blockades, which were created by concrete slabs, were cleared by the use of chainsaws and sledge-hammers after they created a panic in the city traffic system. It is reported that police have arrested around 45 protestors after grounding them with the use of pepper spray.

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However, the city still is being haunted by the protests around the government headquarters. The incident that happened on Wednesday morning was reasoned by the authorities as being the only choice for restoring the traffic in the city.

They also failed to give any indication of the measures that would be adopted to curb down the main-camp protest.

On the other hand, the group of young protesters accused the police for charging the students and building up the violent atmosphere.  Also being reported are various incidents of Police brutality against the protesters.

The protest comes in the run up to elections of 2017, which has been imposed with restrictions by China. The protesters also demanded Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to step down.

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