The Latest iPhone Update from Apple: New Features, All in One Place

The Latest iPhone Update from Apple New Features, All in One Place

Here is what is new and how to get Apple’s recent significant update for your iPhone. 

On Monday, September 12, Apple launched the significant iOS 16 software upgrade for iPhones. Anyone who owns an iPhone 8 or above may access it, and it offers a ton of additional features.

Every year, Apple makes significant software updates to keep the iPhone modern. Additionally, it is simultaneously accessible for all compatible devices, unlike Google’s Android. The update for this year is significant, adding a brand-new lock-screen that can be personalized with widgets and typefaces that were previously restricted to the home screen.

There are many changes, but these are some of the most important ones for you to be aware of. So, what are the new features in iOS 16?

Unsend and/or Edit iMessages

Within 15 minutes of sending a message in iMessage, it is allowed for the user to create or unsend it.  

The action of deleting or editing a message will be visible to the other user.

Organize Your Emails in Advance

Users can set emails to deliver later using the pre-designed Mail app for iPhones. Additionally, it boasts a newer, more useful search capability that, according to Apple, returns more precise and comprehensive results. 

A new undo sending option is also available.

Improved Group Messaging With Users of Android

Finally, the Tapback responses from iMessage users, including hearts, laughs, and more will be visible inside text chains for Android users. You will not receive the responses as individual mails, therefore. 

For iPhone users who interact with Android users, it should be a significant improvement.

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Smarter Dictation

You can speak texts into Smarter Dictation, which adds periods, commas, question marks, and even emoji (just say “confused face emoji” to add an emoji), automatically.

Security Check

This enables users to instantly disable all services and apps that share information with other parties, such as family members, such as location. 

According to Apple, Safety Check was developed in collaboration with women’s organizations and will make it simpler for users to maintain their privacy, preserve their personal information, and stay safe when leaving violent relationships.

Handle Notifications in Different Ways

When your device is locked, notifications now show up at the bottom of the display, where you can simply conceal them to put them out of the way. 

By touching and pressing the lock screen, you may also alter your Focus mode to quiet some messages when you are asleep, at work, or on vacation.

Personalized Lock-screens

Users will have the option to customize their lock screen with smaller widgets that provide real-time info.

Apple Maps Can Get Extra Stops

Apple Maps users may now add additional stops to a route, allowing you to include a pit break at the coffeehouse on your route to work. Although it is a function that is already included in Google Maps, iPhone users will like it. 

You can reload your card, view the fare of your trip, and more with the new Transit card function in Maps.

Tracking Sleep and Medications in the Health App

Users can now input their medicines into Apple’s Health app, which will alert them when it’s time to take their medications. 

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The iPhone Health app will now allow Apple Watch owners to track their heart rate and sleep.

Photos Are Automatically Sorted, Edited, and Translated by AI

Apple translates text into user-taken images or videos using artificial intelligence. A topic from a photo, like a person, can also be ripped out and added as a sticker in pictures or other programs. 

Later updates to iOS 16 will allow it to automatically share photos with anyone it recognizes in them, including friends and family.

Later Apple Pay

This function enables users to settle Apple Pay purchases over the course of four payments spaced six weeks apart. 

It will also be simpler to send digital cards or house keys via texting with Apple Wallet in iOS 16.

Upgraded Apple Home App

Apple improved the Home app’s display of features like the several cams within and around your home. 

The business declared that Matter, an open network for smarthome hardware including locks, lighting, and blinds, is something else it supports.

Use the Webcam on Your iPhone

With the appropriate laptop mount and the most recent version of macOS, users may now use the Continuity Camera functionality for using their iPhone as a webcam. 

The revised feature of macOS is slated to appear later in the fall, though, so this functionality will not operate until that is out.

“Hey Siri, Hang Up”

You can ask Siri to end a FaceTime or call over the phone for you. 

Simply say, “Hey Siri, hang up”, to end the call.

iPhone App Fitness+

To use Apple’s premium Apple Fitness+ membership, which charges $9.99 per month, you do not need an Apple Watch. 

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Numerous exercise and meditation videos are available, including ones for cycling lessons, HIIT, and other activities.

Transfer FaceTime

With this function, you may transfer a FaceTime call from your iPhone to a different device—like an iPad or a Mac—without having to end it. Additionally, it will swap any Bluetooth earbuds you have paired with your iPhone over to the new one. 

However, the most recent updates for Mac and iPad are expected later this fall to support all this.

Live Activities (Coming Soon)

A minor iOS 16 update that will be released later this year will include the functionality allowing you to display widgets on your main screen. 

You will be able to check the scoreboard for a team you follow and wagered on with one of the online bookies at or see precisely when your food delivery order will arrive without having to unlock your phone.

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