Akshara Singh MMS Video: After Leaked Clip Bhojpuri Actress Responds Sobbing

Akshara Singh MMS Video: After Leaked Clip Bhojpuri Actress Responds Sobbing

Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh lately caught the headlines after her MMS video went viral online. The clip shows a woman who claimed to be Singh seen in an unpleasant position.

Soon after the MMS was all over the web, another clip surfaced online that caught the Bigg Boss star crying badly on apparently a live stream and questioning fraternity people for defaming women. In a nutshell, the second video sees Akshara sobbing and explaining how people in the industry are always up for accusing each other’s images.  

“What makes the Bhojpuri industry the only one suffused with filth? Where does all this cheapness come from? It seems that everyone is after each other.

Make sure everyone is blocked. No one should hear his song. There is no way for any other actor to go far ahead. Ultimately, what is all this about?”

Akshara said in the video.  

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Watch Viral Video:

FYI, while a section of people have claimed that the second video of Akshara is the latest and her reply to the MMS leak, as per media, it’s an old one. Reportedly, it’s a two-year-old video. Old or new, Singh’s emotional breakdown in the above clip is disheartening.


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