‘Rick and Morty’ Fans Creeped Out By Season 6’s Latest Episode

'Rick and Morty' Fans Creeped Out By Season 6's Latest Episode

“Rick and Morty” have been taking fans through a new status quo for the first few episodes of the sixth season, but fans loved seeing the Smith Family all taking on the same kind of challenge with the newest episode! 

Season 6 has been introducing a whole kind of new family dynamic following Rick losing access to the rest of the multiverse, and through the first few episodes, the series explores each member of the family in interesting new ways. But this newest episode offered the first time in the season that every family member was on the same page. 

But the major surprise is that Rick and Morty made its first full dive into the world of horror. When Rick injects each of them with a serum that would allow the family to do tasks at night, it’s soon revealed that the Night Family (especially Night Summer) have a very different idea of what their lives should be like. 

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It’s here that the series went into entire creepy territory, and fans really can’t help but be creeped out by everything that went down. 


Definitely a Big Season for Summer

Jerry Really Did Start It

Night Summer is Worse Than Evil Morty?

A Wild Episode!

Very Creepy…

Already a Favorite!

Really Messes With You!

Absolute Banger

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