Watch: Pixel Watch ad leaks, Metal bands coming later, Fitbit, more

Pixel Watch

An ad for the Pixel Watch leaked today with a look at what features Google is planning to focus on with its inaugural Wear OS 3 wearable. 

Shared by SnoopyTech on Twitter, it starts with a side view that provides a good look at how thick the Pixel Watch is. This is followed by shots of the rotating crown, and bezel with the display actually on compared to a similar pan in the design video. “Sleek design” is the first tentpole with “3 finishes” available. We know this to be matte black, silver, and gold.

The disclaimer reveals “Metal bands coming this winter.” 9to5Google previously reported that a Milanese band and link bracelet are in-development. Speaking of bands, we get a better look at one of the leather straps, which should be joined by Active and Woven at launch.

“Track Heart Rate” is next with a graph in the Fitbit app/experience, while we see a notification for meeting your “Active Zone Minutes” goal. “Get directions” shows off Maps for Wear OS, while another disclaimer notes that “Google Pixel Watch and paired phone must use the same carrier network,” which is standard cellular smartwatch behavior.

“Check out” is Google Wallet, while there’s taking calls from your wrist and “Hey Google” Assistant commands to control your smart home.

The ending tagline of this leaked Pixel Watch ad is “Help by Google” and “Health by Fitbit.”

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