AAJ TAK Live: Devendra Fadnavis to seek ‘Trust Vote’ in Maharashtra Assembly

It is time for speculations and intuitions as Devendra Fadnavis will seek ‘Trust Vote’ today in Maharashtra Assembly to remain as the Chief Minister.

Before the ‘Trust Vote’ session, the assembly will elect the speaker, and Fadnavis has asked the Indian National Congress and the Shiv Sena to withdraw their candidates.

Devendra Fadnavis Modi

On the other hand, Shiv Sena is continuing its deadlock with BJP, and they have nominated Vijay Auti as their speaker candidate. The party who has decided to remain as the main opposition in the assembly has also fielded Eknath Kadse for the position of ‘Leader of Opposition’.

Fadnavis should touch the magic number of 144 to remain as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The part has now 123 seats under their belt, and they claim that they have the support of nine more legislators in the assembly.

Talks between BJP and Shiv Sena are going in steady pace, and if Sena agrees with the BJP, then Fadnavis will continue his reign as the Chief Minister in style.

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On the other hand, National Congress Party led by Sharad Pawar has conveyed their decision to support the Government externally. The party has now 41 seats, and even the absence of them during the ‘Trust Vote’ session will help Fadnavis.

But Shiv Sena is not in favor of the alliance between BJP and NCP. They have warned Fadnavis about non cooperation if he accept the offer from National Congress Party and Sharad Pawar.

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