‘Modern Warfare II’ Leak Reveals 4 Unlockable Weapon Mastery Camos Ahead of Launch

'Modern Warfare II'
'Modern Warfare II'

Prominent gaming leaker Metaphor has revealed what mastery camos players will be toiling towards in “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.”

Call of Duty fanatics have long used weapon camouflages as visual cues to show off their mastery of certain guns. Every Call of Duty title typically has challenges attached to each available weapon that can unlock a new camo when completed. These challenges can range from performing a certain number of headshots to eliminating players with no attachments equipped.

Amongst all unlockable camos, mastery camos are the ones players strive for the most. These camos tell others that you have dominated all the challenges available for a weapon and are a force to be reckoned with. According to well-known Call of Duty player Metaphor, Modern Warfare II will feature its mastery camos, with players frantically working to unlock them.

Modern Warfare II will supposedly feature four mastery camos to unlock. Call of Duty leaker Metaphor provided insight into these camos in a recent Twitter post.

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These camos look like gold, platinum, shattered dark matter, and space. He goes on to say that these weapon skins look amazing, mostly except for the space option.

The metaphor also revealed that multiple mastery tabs were present in his information, possibly alluding to future mastery camos being introduced to the game.

None of it has been officially confirmed. “Modern Warfare II” will be launched soon, on Oct. 28.


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