Kannada movie ‘Ambareesha’ review and box office collection report

“Ambareesha”- the most awaited Kannada movie of this year was released on Nov 20, 2014. After almost 3 months of hype, the movie ultimately banged the silver screen.

According to the Kannada Box office, the movie has bagged Rs. 2.1 crores even before its release. Challenging star Darshan is the hero of this movie.

The satellite right of this movie was sold at a huge and record price of 5.5 crore rupees. The distribution rights got about 15.5 crores Rupees approximately which is an all-time record.

The movie managed to earn 7.5 crores Rupees from the Bangalore-Tumkur circle. It managed around 4 crores Rupees from the distribution rights of Mysore-Mandya-Hassan circle. 3 crore is fetched from Hyderabad-Karnataka circle.

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Darshan has really done good job in the movie “Ambareesha”. He is gradually turning into the Sultan of the Kannada movie industry. With the release of Ambareesha, the Kannada movie industry is seeing its great time.

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The story is about a village rebellious guy, who cannot tolerate injustice keeping his head and face down. In the movie, Darshan works in a construction company.

While working, he realizes how the common people’s lands are grabbed by the mafia. Darshan fights for the common people and becomes a mass hero.

It seems that Darshan played a super role in this movie. No other star would have performed so well in this role. With a crispy screenplay and amazing editing, the director of the movie ‘’Ambareesha’’ Mahesh Sukhadare has just made an awesome work.

The records of the previous box office movies would soon be crushed.

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