Watch Video: Philip Hughes Struck On Head By Bouncer

Philips Hughes, the veteran cricketer of Australia, was admitted to hospital and underwent surgery after he was hit by a bouncer in the day one of the test match between South Australia and New South Wales at the SCG.

Philips Hughes is a popular cricketer not just in Australia, but in the World. His critical condition has led his several fans of the entire world into sheer shock.

Hughes was hit on his head by the ball and was immediately taken to the St. Vincent hospital by ambulance. He required immediate surgery. After surgery he was in an induced coma to get relief from the unbearable head pain and head stress. He was kept in the critical care unit in a critical condition.

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At around 4.15pm, the hospital spokesperson David Faktor had spoken to the media and said that Hughes was in surgical treatment after having arrived at the hospital with life support.

The blow on Hughes’s head was a real big one that made him motionless on the pitch of SCG. The play was suspended for the day. First of all he was given mouth to mouth, later everybody waited for the ambulance to arrive.

The ambulance arrived at 2.50 pm that took Hughes immediately to the St. Vincent’s hospital. According to the Cricket NSW chief executive Andrew Jones, Philip Hughes is getting the best available treatment.

For privacy matter, the treatment that is being provided to Hughes is not being disclosed as of now. We will have to wait to know the details. All we can do is just pray to the Almighty for his early recovery.

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