Indian ISIS recruit Arif Majeed is a trained suicide bomber

In a very serious development, the Indian recruit in ISIS, Arif Majeed has turned out to be a trained suicide bomber, who tried for three attempts for such bombing in Syria’s critical installation but sans any success.

Indian ISIS recruit

A report in Times of India said that his bullet injuries are also from the many battles where he had participated as a part of the main ISIS groups against the US forces and Iraqi troops.

In his interrogations, Majeed is known to have revealed the facts and this had stunned the security agencies because earlier it was suspected that the man was just another young guy to have lost his way.

Even in his recent interrogations, Majeed had claimed that he was not a part of any ISIS battle and said that the bullets in his body were from the practice firing. He had maintained that he was cleaning toilets and doing work of a mason.

Security agencies used the lie detector test, and it was then found that he was not telling the truth. Reports suggest that he broke down during the further and long interrogation.

The engineering student from Mumbai’s suburbs has been questioned continuously in the last one week by the Intelligence bureau and NIA.

He has revealed that he was trained to be suicide bomber and has tried to use an explosive laden vehicle to blow a few vital installations in Syria but failed to do so. The claims are now bring verified.

Majeed also said that he was not happy with the way the women were treated in ISIS and were forced to marry. He had received $2000 for his work and he decided to return to India.