IRS letter: There may be up to $6,700 in stimulus checks in your mailbox

Stimulus Payment: South Carolina, Minnesota, Idaho, Pennsylvania & New York Sending Checks This month


Many unclaimed stimulus bills haven’t been claimed yet by American citizens; they are worth somewhere between $1,500 and $6,700. In many of these cases, the people who got these checks haven’t claimed them because they haven’t realized it came through an IRS letter.

This may be a reason to make them think the IRS might try to get them to pay for something, or they haven’t done their taxes in a while. But the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) mailed many of these letters with a check during the middle of October, and they are urging people to claim them.

Why haven’t those 9 million people seen this letter?

To get this money, the people who got their checks through that IRS letter haven’t filed their taxes for their 2021 federal income tax return. B

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ut many people in this group are still eligible to claim their benefits despite that. Many of these people haven’t been required to file taxes due to a meager income.

Folks who are single taxpayers under 65 didn’t have to file their tax return if they got less than $12,550 over the entire year of 2021.

Credits still available to claim before the end of 2022 include the 2021 Recovery Rebate Credit, child tax credit, and Earned Income Tax Credit.

Regarding the child tax credit, families got up to $3,600 per child in 2021, and half of this benefit was sent through advanced payments. The rest could’ve been claimed in a 2021 tax return.

In January this year, the IRS sent Letter 6419 with taxpayers’ total advance child tax credit payments. The recovery rebate was also sent during the pandemic, which the third round of stimulus checks. It provided $1,400 to eligible people and qualifying children claimed on their tax returns.

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The earned income tax credit was enhanced in 2021 during the American Rescue Plan, and it was created to help low-income workers. Before this plan, all workers with no children between the ages of 24 and 64 could only claim $538. However, the pandemic increased that payment up to $1,502.

To claim these checks that people still haven’t picked up, people must first collect their year-end 2021 tax statements before filing their 2021 return. The Internal Revenue Service has all the info you need for these checks on its official website.


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