Watch: Jungkook dances to ‘Brahmastra’ song Kesariya in new fan made clip of Dreamers

Jungkook dances to 'Brahmastra' song Kesariya

A user has picked and synced a section of the music video from Jungkook’s Dreamers with the “Brahmastra”s song Kesariya.

Jungkook X Kesariya has left ARMY impressed.

We’ve often seen fans and others on social media mix and match clips to various audios. And BTS’ group performance videos have been the most common to fall prey. Interestingly, how some of the desi songs fit their videos has shocked many.

But this time, it is a video of Jungkook only, with a clip from his music video – Dreamers.


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There’s this section of the video that a user has picked and synced with the Brahmastra song Kesariya. And well, if one were to run parallels between the two, it would sure seem similar, if not wholly the same, and we say it’s super cool.

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Sharing the video, the Instagram user wrote, “I know there’s no sync, but the vibe matched so much with the song!! Thanks to @hasnaingasm and @preethy.i, who made me notice this!”

Meanwhile, some of the fans in the comment section agreed that there’s a similar vibe after all, and they felt it too.