NASA App brings International Space Station to your fingertips

NASA App brings International Space Station to your fingertips

The NASA App is very useful for space enthusiasts. It hosts a lot of information on the latest happening in space.

The ISS (International Space Station) is a microgravity Environment in Space where crew members conduct biology, physics, astronomy, and meteorology experiments.

Till now, ISS is widely considered as an unassailable sight for common people. But now, things are going to change, as NASA has developed an app that provides information on ISS experiments and research results through videos, photos, and interactive media.

This Space Station Research Explorer contains various sections which can be used for navigation and exploration as per your wish. For example, this app includes an experiment section, and clicking here will unleash six categories and their subcategories.

Under the category tab, you will see experiments depicted in dots. You can click on these dots to learn more about specific experiments and analyze links, publications, and images of experiments if available.

The NASA app also contains a facility section, and it allows the users to view three of the station modules. The three modules Columbus, Kibo, and Destiny can be easily navigated with the help of this facility section.

The ‘Benefits Section’ in the app provides access to human health, earth benefits, and global education. There is also a media section in the app, and this will help you access podcasts, games, and videos. The videos section contains umpteen numbers of science-related videos which will benefit you heavily.

The last section allows you to click on links that redirect you to other Space Station Research Sites and other NASA Applications.

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