BTS’ Jin and Paik Jong-Won To Launch Liquor Brand

Watch BTS's Jin appears drunk in a viral video with female rapper Lee Young-Ji

 BTS member Jin reportedly collaborates with a liquor brand with South Korean food expert Paik Jong-won.

According to OSEN, the K-pop star and the entrepreneur are working together to emphasize the traditional drinks of Korea. The two, who recently partnered for a series on BTS’ YouTube channel BANGTANTV Korean alcohol, decided to build a liquor brand together.

“Jin is preparing a brewery under his name. He’s been filling oak casts with alcohol, which should be ready to drink by the time he’s discharged from the military. I want to add oak scents and flavors to soju, similar to whisky. There’s no official name of this drink we’re creating just yet,” Paik said.

Based on the interview, it seems like the liquor brand is in its early stages. Paik added, “We hope the general public will be able to taste these drinks once they have been fermented and finalized. We need a famous artist [like Jin] to create traditional drinks and share these with the world.

That way, we can catch up on the years we’ve forgotten about our traditional liquor.” He noted that South Korea’s alcohol and drinking culture changed after Japan’s occupation from 1910 to 1945. “They prohibited people from making alcohol with rice at home, which is why this entire culture of making soju at home disappeared… With more of these traditional liquors, we’ll be able to highlight Korean food and culture further.”

Watch the first episode of Paik on BANGTANTV below, and stay tuned as we learn more about the new liquor brand.

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