Pics: Mel B’s daughter recreates her famous ‘Spice Girls’ looks from the ’90s

Mel B's daughter recreates her famous Spice Girls looks from the '90s


Mel’s daughter, Phoenix Chi Gulzar, took to social media to share a series of photos of herself dressed as her mom from her time as “Scary Spice,” a member of the famous Spice Girls ’90s girl group. The posts showed her recreating pictures from album covers as well as moments from the band’s music videos.

The first series of pictures posted to Instagram was a recreation of promo posters for the 1997 “Spiceworld: The Movie” film. In the photos, Phoenix can be seen wearing a gold crop top and pants, with her hair half up in space buns.

Not only did she dress like her mom in the poster, she also posed like her, putting her hands on her face as she smiled at the camera while leaning back. In another picture in the same outfit, she has her hands on her hips and is sticking her tongue out as she smiles.

Mel B's daughter is embracing her inner "Scary Spice."

Along with the photos, Phoenix posted behind-the-scenes footage on her TikTok account, showing how she was able to recreate the photos so flawlessly. The video for the “Spiceworld: The Movie” posters, it showed Phoenix in a studio followed by pictures of her mom for comparison.

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“Loved this outfit from a photoshoot mum did in 1997,” she captioned the video with the popular Spice Girls song “Wannabe” playing in the background.


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In another video, Phoenix can be seen outdoors, on what looks like a hiking trail, wearing a leopard-print top and a black miniskirt, very similar to what her mom can be seen wearing in the music video. She paired the outfit with black combat boots and silver jewelry and struck a few poses that may seem familiar to Spice Girls fans.

“Re created my mums say you’ll be there photoshoot!” Phoenix captioned the video. “What do you guys think?”

Lastly, Phoenix recreated her mom’s look from the cover of the 1997 album “Spice Up Your Life.” She put on the same quilt patterned crop top and bottom.

Phoenix isn’t the only one with the Spice Girls on her mind. Mel B spoke about a possible reunion during the BBC Channel 4 talk show “Steph’s Packed Lunch” in 2021, sharing that the girls “were kind of in talks last year, but then COVID hit, so that kind of pushed everyone’s plans.”

“But I think we’re hopefully on the same page together — they’re going to kill me for saying this — but we’re hoping, especially me, if it’s got anything to do with me, which it will have, because I’m the driving force, and I’ll make sure it happens, to tour in 2023.”


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