Basic Income 2023: How to get monthly payments of $500? Am I Eligible?

Social Security Benefits After Government Shutdown


St. Louis, Missouri, has approved to supply of $500 relief checks every month to citizens as part of the guaranteed essential income initiative.

Missouri’s Board of Aldermen in St. Louis wanted to give hundreds of low-income families these payments to help them during the holidays.

As a next step, the program needs the approval of Mayor Tishaura to get the program implemented. Once it passes, the city will take cash from a $5 million pandemic recovery pot of funds to give these $500 checks to about 440 poverty-stricken families over the next 18 months.

The city wanted this program to work as a manner of helping parents that lost money during the global pandemic and have children in public schools.

St. Louis Board of Aldermen President Megan Green spoke to Fox: “Today we demonstrate our commitment to St. Louis families and their children. No child’s education should be compromised because their living arrangements make studying difficult.”

Who qualifies for these Basic Income payments?

All families who get this payment will have the chance to use them at their discretion. The aim is to offer families the opportunity to pay off debt and rent and afford their children’s basic food or grocery needs.

If this initiative is fully approved, low-income parents or guardians of their children in city public schools will qualify for these payments.

This is a critical chance for St. Louis to support working parents and their children while reducing racial and gender inequality.

Other places also offering monthly payments are the multiple programs in California, Massachusetts, and Illinois, amongst others.

These payments are also between the $300 and $500 range for needy families. However, San Francisco does have a program that will offer $1,200 monthly payments known as the guaranteed income program. Deadline for applications ended on December 15.


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