Kim Kardashian fans believe she is ‘secretly dating’ ex Kanye West’s nemesis rapper Drake

Kim KARDASHIAN fans believe that she is secretly dating a Kanye West nemesis. Fans think they’ve spotted a clue that Kim, 42, could be dating rapper Drake.

One fan on a famous Kardashian Reddit page created several threads, claiming to be following Kim’s private jet.

They posted several airplane radar images purportedly showing the reality star’s route. Visit which presents its Canada-wide listing of contact information.

The fan thinks they spotted the jet in Toronto, Canada, where Drake has a home.

Another fan commented in disbelief: “Lol no way. I mean is drake even in Toronto? They do a lot of shoots and filming in Canada could be for anything. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if she was seeing someone on the DL. What happened to that chef?”

Another speculated: “The plane was also spotted in Utah the other day, near where a fan saw Kanye. Maybe Kims, loaning it out?”

“I would absolutely love if Kim is spotted with Drake lol that’s exactly the kind of shake-up Kim needs it would get everybody going,” commented another.

Another commenter dispelled: “Doesn’t drake have an actual girlfriend now? They both confirmed it a few weeks ago?”

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Allegations of intimacy between the former Degrassi star and the reality star have been swirling for some time.

Drake reignited the buzz in 2021 when sources claimed he was ready to make a go at the mom of four following her split from Kanye.

On the record, he rapped about having sex with a woman named Kiki, which is Kim’s family nickname.

Kanye went on to post Drake’s address on Instagram, deleting it shortly after.

While it’s unclear if a romance has sparked between Drake and Kim, the reality star and her daughter North, 9, appeared to pay homage to ‘Ye in a new TikTok video.