Mercedes-Benz Promises 15 New Cars In India In 2015

For Mercedes- Benz fans, there are a few good gifts in store. The German luxury carmaker has announced its plans to launch 15 new products in India in 2015.

Mercedes- Benz will pump in Rs 150 crore for a totally new assembly line at the Chakan facility for the new compact sedan.

The company released statement, where it said that Mercedes-Benz will even launch products with no predecessors in the country, marking the biggest the product initiative by the manufacturer ever.


It also said that the company is looking to attract more new customers, mainly the young group, while also retaining the loyal patrons of the brand.

The products will be extremely feature rich, which is much in line with what Mercedes-Benz’s has maintained by bringing in the right choices at the right place.

Mercedes-Benz India also announced that it will continue with the aggressive strategy, confirming that an additional investment will be made for the plant at Chakan.

The new investment now will be over Rs. 1,000 crore.

The facility has already secured the important and pertinent clearances and the production is expected to start in June.

The plant will have a capacity of 20,000 units, which is the largest for the industry of luxury car makers.

By 2015, the company also plans to enhance the dealer network by 15 outlets. The statement also said that the new list of improvements is intended to make the company the most densest luxury car network within the country.

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