Katrina Kaif rubbishes rumors of her engagement with Ranbir Kapoor

The rumors about actress Katrina Kaif’s ring exchange with Ranbir Kapoor was the hottest talking topic in B Town till today morning. But now, things have been made pretty clear by Katrina’s spokesperson.

As per the report in an English Daily, Kat’s spokesperson has denied any kind of such news.

The rumors about Katrina’s engagement with Ranbir Kapoor got stirred up after their New Year trip to United Kingdom.

Ranbir-Katrina engagement Many reports then claimed that Ranbir and Katrina exchanged rings in a private function which was held on December 30, 2014.

Ranbir’s parents, Rishi Kapoor and Nitu Kapoor also reportedly flew to London to attend this auspicious event.

Things became more suspicious during the birthday of Farah Khan. Katrina was seen stepping out of Farah’s home with one hand in her pocket, and this compelled many gossip writers to hastily conclude that she is hiding her wedding ring.

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During the Umang Performance on Friday night, Katrina was seen wearing a big fat shiny ring, and this fueled the speculations again.


As per reports, Katrina Kaif is quite amused about the speculations done by the media personals about her marriage. One of Katrina’s closest friend told that Kat will wear the wedding ring when the time comes.

She added that Katrina is not a person who will randomly attend some event wearing these kinds of precious things. She also gave a hint about the steady talks which are going on in Ranbir family in connection with the engagement of the couples.