‘Temple Run 2’: The Best Treasure Hunt Game to Play on Your Mobile

Temple Run 2 Game

Mobile gaming has taken everyone under its wing. Everyone, including you, must have played mobile games at least once. But many people are playing them religiously for a fun time pass. 

Are you a fan of games as well? If you are, try the best game out there, i.e., Temple Run 2. I love this game and have never regretted downloading it, even once. It’s a package of thrill and adrenaline; just as people feel excited while gambling on Best paying online casinos, You will feel exhilarated while playing Temple Run 2.

Besides fun, you feel a constant concern in the back of your mind about not getting caught by a monster. Fear of being caught is the hallmark of this whole game. You run and run, not to get ravaged by the sharp claws of the being following you.

But you may think, where is the fun if you are going to run nonstop? That’s the mystery that I am going to unfold before you. So, let me take you into depth. 

Endless Gaming

The main setup and concept of Temple Run 2 are endless running. When the game begins, you start running to escape the monster. If your trip, the monster gets closer to you, while tripping twice is the end for your avatar.

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The game begins with a zipline, where you enjoy the fun of that line hanging in the air and collect coins along the way. Is the monster still behind you? Sorry to say, but yes, apparently, the beast knows how to enjoy a zip line as well. Woo-ho!   

You will have to avoid several obstacles while not falling from the temple. The temple has sharp turns and twists that can make you go skydiving if you are not careful. 

Is that it? Of course not! It would be best if you avoided several turns, fallen trees, streams and fallen rocks, and jets of fire along the journey. That is quite thrilling if you ask me. 

The scenery of the temple changes with the forest, mine tracks, and waterfalls. You will experience the serene forest, a roller coaster ride in the mine, and an aqua loop-like experience in the waterfall.

The fun does not end here but down the whole path, you have to collect coins to make the best scores. There are several points where you get free gems or treasure boxes that open up to big surprises.

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The best part is you get several in-game features that help you in the long run. You can use the shields, Magnet to attract the coins and several such powers.

Range of Characters to Choose

A large number of characters further adds to the fun of this game. You can unlock the characters with money, gems, or other options. In the beginning, you get a free avatar that you can switch with others after opening them. 

The characters include many species, from humans to robots or heroes. Once you dig into this game, you will surely love it. I recommend getting the limited edition characters to upgrade your gaming and have more fun. 

Now, how will you get them? The gems collected during the game or other belongings in the treasure boxes help you to unlock the characters. 

Thrilling Events and Bonuses

Besides the whole gaming and fun, several events and bonus rounds also pop up from time to time. Getting the most out of those events is entirely up to you. The events allow you to have limited characters, powers, or other gaming sets.

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If you have tried playing Online Casinos with Free spins no deposit Australia, you must know the electrifying feeling of getting bonuses. Similarly, Once you enter the events, you get an instant boost to avail of the rewards and a chance to get the best offers for better gaming. 

To conclude, Temple run is one of the best treasure-hunting and adventure games you will see in the market. So hey, get yours downloaded now!


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