SE7EN And Lee Da Hae Announce Marriage After 8 Years Of Dating

One of the most famous celebrity couples in South Korea, singer SE7EN and actress Lee Da Hae, have announced their marriage plans after dating for eight years.

The couple confirmed their relationship in September 2016 and have been going strong ever since. They shared the joyful news with their fans on March 20 through their personal Instagram accounts.

Who are SE7EN and Lee Da Hae?

SE7EN, whose real name is Choi Dong-wook, is a singer and dancer who debuted in 2003 under YG Entertainment. He is known for his hit songs such as “Come Back to Me”, “Passion”, “Crazy” and “Lalala”.

He has also ventured into acting, starring in dramas like “Goong S” (2007) and “Rich Man” (2018). He also made his Broadway debut in 2014 with the musical “Elizabeth”.

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Lee Da Hae, whose real name is Byun Da-hye, is an actress who debuted in 2001. She rose to fame with her roles in dramas such as “My Girl” (2005), “The Slave Hunters” (2010), “Hotel King” (2014) and “Iris II” (2013). She is also fluent in English and Chinese, having lived abroad for some time.

How did they meet and fall in love?

According to various reports, SE7EN and Lee Da Hae met through mutual friends and became close due to their similar backgrounds and interests.

They started dating around 2015 but kept their relationship private until the paparazzi spotted them in Bangkok in 2016. They then confirmed that they were indeed a couple and asked for support from their fans.


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The couple has been praised for their long-lasting relationship despite their challenges. SE7EN had to deal with a scandal involving his military service, where he was accused of visiting illegal massage parlors while on duty.

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He later apologized for his actions and completed his service without further issues. Lee Da Hae also had to cope with her father’s death in 2019.

Despite these hardships, the couple remained loyal and supportive of each other. They often expressed their love and gratitude for each other on social media and in interviews.

They also shared common hobbies, such as traveling, cooking, exercising, and watching movies.

What are their marriage plans?

On March 20, both SE7EN and Lee Da Hae posted handwritten letters on their Instagram accounts to announce their marriage plans. They revealed that they would tie the knot on May 6 at a private ceremony with only family members present due to COVID-19.

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