Rahul Gandhi Press Conference: ‘My Name Is Not Savarkar, Won’t Apologize’

Rahul Gandhi Press Conference: 'My Name Is Not Savarkar, Won't Apologize'

Rahul Gandhi made various remarks regarding his conviction and disqualification in the press conference. When asked questions about the Prime minister and Mr. Adani’s relationship and the investment of 3 billion in Adani’s shell company. Regarding the people of Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi said that he would write a letter to the people of Wayanad and sort things between them.

Rahul Gandhi was convicted in the defamation case filed in Gujrat. During the election rally of 2019, Mr. Gandhi said, “saids have a common modi surname.” The community members took this remark as defamatory and filed a defamation case against Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi in the press conference

Rahul Gandhi said that these all are just distractions (disqualification as MP) created from the BJP side,, and I won’t be distracted from all these. They (BJP) are scared of the following speech I was going to make regarding the Adani issue, and that’s why they (BJP) made this distraction of disqualifying me.

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Question mentioning whether he was going to apologize as demanded by the members of the BJP, Rahul said that “I don’t have Savarkar surname; I am Gandhi,” and Gandhi didn’t apologize. If they want, they can disqualify me for life, and I will still ask the question regarding Adani and the Prime Minister’s relationship and why he is protecting him.

What’s BJP’s stance on the same?

The BJP has been demanding an apology from Rahul Gandhi’s side as they feel that his remarks were defamatory against the OBC community. BJP said that the Congress is just portraying Rahul Gandhi as a victim, whereas there are about 32 MPs who got disqualified, and six among them were from the Bhartiya Janta party.