Salman Khan had no driving license, says witness in 2002 hit-and-run case

Bollywood actor Salman Khan did not have an authorized driving licence when his car hit the victims sleeping on the road in 2002, the officer of Regional Transport Office said on Monday.

He told that the Sessions Court will be conducting the hearing on the hit and run case against the celebrity.

A witness, who is also an Assistant Inspector at the RTO, informed the sessions judge Deshpande that Salman got his licence only in the year 2004 and that he did not have it when the accident happened.

Salman khan drunk

The assistant inspector has also produced records of Salman’s licence before the sessions court while he was being examined by public prosecutor Gharat.

Another eye witness who is also a sub-inspector of police, informed the court that he was with the actor at the JJ Hospital for his blood test. The inspector told that Salman Khan was examined by Shasikant Powar and he found out that he was drunk.

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The two eye witnesses have been examined today in the court where the hearing is being conducted on a daily basis.

Almost 20 witnesses have been scrutinized already and some more are yet to be examined. On Sept 28, 2002, Salman rammed his car into a bakery in Bandra’s suburbs, killing one person and injuring four others who were sleeping on the roadside.

The hit and run case which has been dragging since almost a decade now, took a turn when the actor was held with charges of culpable-homicide which attracts a sentence of 10 years.

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