Britain’s most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson denied parole again

Britain's most notorious prisoner denied parole again

Charles Bronson, one of Britain’s most notorious prisoners, has been denied parole for the eighth time.

The Parole Board said it was not satisfied that he was suitable for release or transfer to open conditions, reported The Guardian.

Bronson, who now goes by the name Charles Salvador, has spent more than 48 years in prison, mostly in solitary confinement.

He has a history of violence and hostage-taking and has been involved in numerous attacks on prison staff and fellow inmates. His supporters claim that he is a reformed character who deserves a chance to prove himself in society.

However, the Parole Board said his risk factors remained high, and he had not demonstrated enough progress in addressing them.

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The board also said that he had not engaged fully with the parole process and had shown a lack of insight into his offending behavior. Bronson will have another parole review in two years.

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