April fools’ day pranks to fool your friends

April fool day pranks to fool your friends

April fool’s day is a time to have some fun and trick your friends with harmless pranks. Here are some ideas for pranks that you can try on April 1st.

– Swap the sugar and salt in your kitchen. Watch your friends’ reactions when they add sugar to their coffee or salt to their cereal.
– Change the language settings on your friends’ phones or computers. They will be confused when they try to use their devices and see everything in a different language.
– Put a fake spider or snake in your friends’ bags or drawers. They will be scared when they open them and see the creepy creature inside.
– Cover the sensor of your friends’ computer mouse with a piece of tape. They will wonder why their mouse is not working properly.
– Fill your friends’ shampoo bottles with mayonnaise or ketchup. They will be surprised when they squeeze out the condiment instead of the shampoo.
– Replace your friends’ toothpaste with cream cheese or sour cream. They will be disgusted when they brush their teeth with the wrong substance.
– Glue a coin to the sidewalk or the floor. Watch your friends try to pick it up and fail.
– Put a sign on your friends’ car that says “Honk if you love me” or “Free hugs”. They will be embarrassed when other drivers honk or wave at them.
– Tell your friends that you have won the lottery or that you are moving to another country. They will be shocked and happy for you until you reveal that it was a prank.

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These are some pranks you can do on April fool’s day.

Remember to keep them harmless and funny, and don’t forget to say “April fool’s” at the end. Have fun!

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