Official Anime Accounts Join In On The April Fools Day Pranks

Official anime accounts join in on the April Fools Day pranks

The anime world makes the news again as they join in on the April’s Fool day prank on Saturday, April 1.

Animes that fooled the social media users

April Fools’ Day this year led to a lot of false information about anime. As per SK anime, there have been claims about the release of new episodes of Re: ZERO and the live-action movie Date A Live, but all of these stories have turned out to be untrue.

The anime community has eagerly anticipated the release of Date A Live’s upcoming season. On April 1, 2023, Kadokawa presented a fake live-action Date A Live movie poster that included images of fan-favorite Kurumi within a church.

This briefly left the fans in a frenzy, even though the announcement was later revealed as a practical joke.

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However, the anime production crew has given the viewers hope by asking them to be on the lookout for April 5, 2023. They said a live broadcast would be held during which the essential details on the future season of Date A Live may be made public.

The Kadokawa hoax

A fake Ple Ple Pleiades x Kage-jitsu crossover anime featuring Overlord and The Eminence in Shadow was also unveiled by Kadokawa as a part of April’s Fool’s Day prank.

The teaser graphic features the figures in a very distorted shape. Like Kadokawa’s previous, successful Isekai Quartet crossover series, this had an April 2138 TV launch date.

Characters from both programs would have switched places in the envisioned scenario. In the teaser picture, the Overlord protagonist Ainz is posing flamboyantly, whereas Eminence in Shadow’s Cid is depicted as disgruntled. While some fans expected to see the crossover, others concluded it was a joke on April Fool’s Day.

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