Ripple vs. SEC Dispute: Deaton’s Analysis of Judge Torres’ Strategy to Postpone Ruling

Ripple CEO and General Counsel Slam SEC in Twitter Rant Amid Ongoing Lawsuit

In a recent video clip, CryptoLaw founder and attorney John Deaton shed some light on why Judge Analisa Torres has not yet issued her ruling in the summary judgment of the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit. The lawsuit, which accuses Ripple of selling unregistered securities in the form of XRP, has been ongoing since December 2020 and has attracted much attention from the crypto community and beyond.

The Pressure on Judge Torres

According to Deaton, Judge Torres is facing immense pressure as she understands the significance and implications of her ruling for the US crypto industry and global trade and finance. Deaton said that he doubts that Judge Torres has ever felt such pressure in her entire career, as she has been bombarded with arguments and evidence from both sides and third parties such as Binance, CFTC, and Supreme Court.

Deaton said that Judge Torres knows that her ruling will either end the lawsuit or send it to a higher court for appeal. He added that if she rules in favor of Ripple, she will have to justify her decision and explain why she disagrees with the SEC’s interpretation of the securities laws. On the other hand, if she rules against Ripple, she will have to face backlash from the XRP community and the crypto industry.

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Deaton Calls for Patience

Deaton urged XRP supporters and crypto enthusiasts to be patient and respectful of Judge Torres’ process and timing. He said that the ruling is not as easy as many think and that Judge Torres is careful and thorough in her analysis. He said that he expects the ruling to come out soon but cannot predict exactly when.

Deaton also expressed his confidence that Ripple will prevail in the lawsuit, as he believes that the SEC’s case is weak and flawed. He said he has been following the lawsuit closely and impressed by Ripple’s legal team and strategy. He said that he hopes Judge Torres will see through the SEC’s allegations and grant summary judgment to Ripple.

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