UK based Fly Mobiles vies with Chinese counterparts in Indian market

Tossing the budget smartphones to the focal point was pivoted by some Indian smartphone vendors. And the act was astoundingly carried through by the recent Chinese entries. But the Asian players are now getting a call of rivalry from the West.

UK based Fly Mobiles is the new name that’s certainly going to pop some eyes among the Indian consumers. Arriving with an aim of hitting a sales number of 1million units by this year, three new smartphones have now been made available by Fly Mobiles, which brings in some awe-inspiring specs at arguably the cheapest price range in the market.

Qik+, Qik and Snap are the three debutants that have flown all the way to the Indian shores. The Qik models have been built to fall under the entry-mid range segment, while Snap is the cheapest of all, making its way to the entry level segment.

The devices have been listed in the online e-commerce site Snapdeal. The response from the users was also immense as the Snapdeal have listed the devices to be sold-out on its space.

Featuring a 5-inch display, the Qik+  is run by a quad-core processor running at speeds of 1.7 GHz, with a RAM of 1GB and on-board storage space of 8GB. T

he camera specs are surely to bring uplift among the segment and features a 13MP camera on its rear, which is accompanied by a 5 MP shooter on its front. Also being offered is a modest battery life by the device, which is met with the 2,200 mAh battery inside it.

Qik smartphone  packs a similar array of tech specs, except for the rear-cam that packs only an 8MP shooter, and for its compactness.

The screen size has been dropped to 4.5 inches and a slight cut has also been given to the battery, which can hold 2000 mAh charge in it.  The rest remains the same as in the Qik+ model.

Fly’s smallest model is the Snap smartphone. It arrives with a four-inch display, yet with some of the best range of specs we could witness among a similar-sized smartphone.

A 1.3GHz-clocked Medjiatek processor will be running the device on its four cores, accompanied by a RAM of 512 MB and a ROM of 4GB. Rear cam is of 5MP, and the front cam is of 2MP. But what makes the big deal here is with the impeccably reduced pricing of the devices.

Snap, the cheapest of all, comes at a luring price of Rs 3,079. The Qik models are priced fairly above 5k, with the compact Qik costing Rs 5,954, and the Qik+ model costing Rs 6,954.

The dual-SIM devices will be running Android 4.4 out of the box, with a near-future update guarantee to Android L.

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