SSLC Exam: Error In English Paper Of Class 10, Students Might Get Grace Marks

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SSLC exams have been taking place since April 6. These examinations will be conducted through April 20. Teachers ask the examination authority to provide appropriate marks due to problems with the English test question paper for the 10th general examination. The English paper for the 10th general examination contains faults, so the professors have asked that the paper be given the proper marks.

SSLC Exam In Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu students in the tenth grade have been taking public exams since April 6. Up until April 20th, these tests will be administered. In Tamil Nadu, 4,207 testing locations have been put up for the public exams. Moreover, this exam is taken by 9,96,089 students comprising 37,798 private applicants and 9,22,725 students from Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, respectively. Due to mistakes on the question paper, the State Graduate Teachers’ Federation has asked the Directorate of Government Examination (DGE) to grant the students 3 marks. The DGE has stated that they will take into account this request. The DGE earlier made it clear that students who attempted certain questions on the Class 12 mathematics exam would receive 5 marks.

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Error In English Paper

The English subject examination was held on April 10. The students who took the general exam claimed that the English exam for pupils in the tenth grade today included an error in the question paper. The answers to questions 4, 5, and 6 are reportedly false. That is, all six questions are phrased as “learn synonyms,” rather than “learn antonyms,” in the questions numbered 1 through 6. This has bewildered the students. Following this, questions numbers 4, 5, and 6 in the antonym segment of the English exam on the 10th general examination’s question paper were not given the proper titles. The road map shows that the route is obstructed in question number 28 as well. Students are now confused as a result of this. The teachers have asked that the appropriate marks be awarded for these incorrect questions reports Indian Express Tamil.

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