The Maharashtra Bhushan Award Event Took A Tragic Turn With 11 Deaths Due To Heatstroke

The Maharashtra Bhushan Award Event Took A Tragic Turn With 11 Deaths Due To Heatstroke

Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra, reported that eleven attendees sitting outside at the ceremony for the Maharashtra Bhushan Award on Sunday, April 16, died from heat stroke.

The Incident

As per the Hindustan Times, At least eleven people died from heatstroke while attending the Maharashtra Bhushan Award ceremony on Sunday in Navi Mumbai. They had been exposed to the sun for many hours. About 125 attendees of the event experienced fatigue, chest issues etc. Thirteen of them were admitted to various neighborhood hospitals, and one is in critical condition.

Eknath Shinde, the chief minister, also visited a hospital where fifty patients were being treated for heat-related problems.

Mr.Shinde described the occurrence as “unfortunate” and promised to pay the families of those who died, 5 lakh rupees in compensation.

The Ceremony

The event occurred at Navi Mumbai, where a high of 38 degrees Celsius was recorded for the day. Appasaheb Dharmadhikari received the award that day at an open field in Kharghar, a suburb of Mumbai, with the presence of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

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Attended by thousands of Dharmadhikari devotees, the great event was staged on a vast 306-acre site of Kharghar. The event, for which people had been assembling since early in the day, commenced at about 11.30 and lasted until about 1 o’clock. Many had come in large numbers on Saturday.

The ground had been packed with people armed with audio/video equipment so that Shree Sadasya’s devotees could watch the function. 

There was inadequate cover, and the audience was seated in the open.

Shah claimed that he had never witnessed such a large crowd honoring a person for their social effort. Eknath Shinde, the chief minister of Maharashtra, and deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavis were also present at the event.


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