The Top 5 Sports for Betting Enthusiasts

The Top 5 Sports for Betting Enthusiasts

In 2022, the sports betting market was valued at $83.65 billion – a figure that’s set to rise yearly going forward. The reason for the increase in market value is the wide availability of online sportsbooks, which can be accessed from any smartphone, computer, or tablet. These online sports betting websites cover almost every single sport, even eSports. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top sports for betting enthusiasts.

Football – NLF

Football holds the monopoly when it comes to sports betting, especially in the US, and it’s covered by the 最佳線上體育博彩. The NFL is the league that gains the most attention, especially during the live Superbowl. However, some states can place bets on college league football games, which are ironed into American tradition. 


There are around 8,776 golf courses in the US alone, which shows just how popular the game is. Over recent years, golf tournaments have seen a huge increase in interest, especially in the betting world. There are countless betting formats and events held across four days, with around 78 people on the course at a time, which is a hot recipe that favors sports betting. With the rise of mobile bet providers, the interest in golf worldwide has risen considerably. 

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Tennis is another extremely popular sport in the betting world, and that’s due to how many combinations there are during in-play betting. In the early rounds when the likes of Federer take on outsiders, tennis makes for some easy wins, so there’s no wonder it has become popular. 

Horse Racing

Horse racing and betting have always been closely associated – just think about how much money punters spend on attending race events. Even now, horse racing is a colossus feature in the betting world, especially as online platforms allow enthusiasts to place bets around the clock. According to research, it’s estimated that $100 billion is spent on horse betting worldwide, with Japan contributing the most to this figure


Before the emergence of in-play betting and early cash-outs, soccer never competed with horse racing on the global stage. However, since these features have cracked the game wide open, soccer is the clear champion of the international betting scene. During the 2022 FIFA World Cup, it was estimated that Americans would spend a phenomenal $1.8 billion on wagering

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Although it’s easy to look into the amount of money wagered on soccer in the US, it’s near impossible to gauge the true size of this market because of how many unregulated markets there are, but it’s safe to say that soccer is a beast in the betting world. 


Boxing has always been popular among betting enthusiasts, and this is still true today, even if sports like soccer have overtaken it. However, the emergence of MMA, which is a newer betting fixture, has helped to attract new bettors to the scene. In 2023 there is a total of 578 players, split between each division, which makes for plenty of betting opportunities. 

Betting enthusiasts can wager on almost every sport imaginable, but there’s no denying that the five outlined above draw the most attention. 

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