Asherah Gomez Viral MMS Video Leaked on Twitter and Reddit?

Asherah Gomez speech Video Leaked on Twitter and Reddit

Asherah Gomez, also known as Ashipooh, is a popular travel and lifestyle blogger from Sri Lanka. She has a large fan base on Instagram and YouTube, where she posts captivating videos and photos of her adventures around the world.

However, recently, she became the target of a malicious online campaign that claimed to have leaked a video of her in a compromising situation.

The video, widely circulated on Twitter and Reddit, turned out to be a fake one that used another person’s footage and attached Gomez’s name to it.


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A post shared by Asherah Gomez (@ashipooh91)

The motive behind this smear attempt is unclear, but it has caused a lot of distress and anger among Gomez’s followers and supporters.


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A post shared by Asherah Gomez (@ashipooh91)

They have condemned the perpetrators for trying to tarnish her reputation and urged her to take legal action against them.


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A post shared by Asherah Gomez (@ashipooh91)

Gomez has not yet commented on the matter publicly, but she is expected to address it soon on her social media platforms.

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