Alessandra Shares Initial Reactions And Costume Information For Norway

After her first practice in Liverpool today, Alessandra shared her initial thoughts and the specifics of her costume. Alessandra expressed her confidence in her rehearsal in a discussion with NRK, saying, “I think it went well for having been the first rehearsal. We’re very pleased, and I think everything will work out well. Alessandra admitted that she is not anxious right now but anticipates becoming more so as the semi-final draws near.

Alessandra Is Awaiting The Arrival In Liverpool

Between now and the live events, she continued, there is still work to be done: “It’s the technical aspect, the little nuances. There are all the fundamentals. So all that remains is to refine the details. On the big day, I’m looking forward to the enthusiasm that the crowd, the hall, and everyone else will bring.” Alessandra is awaiting the arrival in Liverpool of her parents, siblings, uncle & aunt, friends, cousins, and boyfriend while being accompanied by a delegation of 16 people. The energy of the delegation is presently directed towards promoting itself to nations that will support it, according to the Head of Delegation, Stig Karlsen, for Norway: “Much of what we devote our time upon is generating as much engagement as possible amongst the other countries that will vote for us.”

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A Favourable Situation

We are fortunate to be among the most faes in our situation. The media will then become more interested in us, & we won’t need to promote ourselves as much. It’s a favorable situation to be in. The new costume for Alessandra’s Eurovision performance was developed and made by Susanne Hoftun & Katarzyna Blonska. According to Hoftun, Alessandra’s costume for the Melodi Grand Prix was a delicate, easily rippable 80s dress that had been redesigned: Since the costume needs to be put on and taken off a lot during rehearsals for Eurovision, we dared not wager that the fabric could hold up reports Eurovoix.

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