Children And Students Rally In Coimbatore To Save Sparrows

Talk of the concerns of the new generation, and we have hundreds of college and school students in Coimbatore who took part in a special rally on March 16, 2015 to raise awareness about sparrow nurturing and protection.

The rally was a special one with some students dressing up like sparrows to gather more people and draw their attention to the cause, showing remarkable understanding.

The event was highly successful as young and teens took part in the rally. The organizers Wildlife Safety Nets Trust couldn’t be happier.

Children And Students Parttake in Rally In Coimbatore To Save Sparrows

Wildlife Safety Nets Trust organized the event to mark a special day- World Sparrow Day- which is observed on March 20 every year.

Anantha Vanitha, the president of the Trust, has confirmed that more awareness programs will be organized for people and young kids in various parts of the city in between March 16 and March 20. The programs will be undertaken in schools colleges and some residential areas.

A report on The Hindu further quoted the President who said that the trust aims to give out sparrow nests and posts, which can be used for placing food and water for the birds. The nests and pots will be given to the public and some educational institutions.

Wildlife Safety Nets Trust distributed 750 nests last year, and as per the current plans of this year, the number will also increase to 1,000. The trust will also explain about the food and other aspects with regards to the sparrow population.

Hoping more cities are inspired!