The Role of Technology in University Events: Enhancing the Student Experience through Digital Innovation

The Role of Technology in University Events: Enhancing the Student Experience through Digital Innovation

Technology is critical to the success of university events. From ticketing and scheduling logistics, to marketing and audience engagement, digital tools are helping event organizers create better experiences for students and visitors alike. This article explores how universities can use technology to make their events more effective at engaging students, boosting ticket sales and increasing participation rates. We’ll look at how event apps can help with event logistics, boost audience participation and increase ticket sales – all while making life easier for organizers.

Students are Constantly on the Go

Students are constantly on the go. The Student Experience Survey from the National Center for Education Statistics found that, in 2015, students were more likely to use mobile devices than laptops for schoolwork (61% vs 52%) and social media (82% vs 70%).

  • Students prefer to use their mobile devices for entertainment and communication: texting, gaming and streaming video/music services like Netflix or Spotify.
  • Students also tend to prefer using their phones over laptops when it comes to communicating with friends via social media networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Technology is Crucial to Student Engagement

Students are more likely to attend and participate in events that use technology. They also feel more connected to the event, which makes them more likely to recommend it.

Here’s why:

  • Technology helps students feel like they’re part of something bigger. When an event uses digital tools, it creates a sense of community among students who might not otherwise have been able to meet each other, due to geographical location or other factors (like being at different schools).
  • Students can access information about an event at any time from anywhere — whether they’re on campus or not! This makes it easier for them to plan ahead instead of rushing last minute before class starts because they forgot something important like their ID card or course materials. Having all this information available at once means you’ll spend less time explaining yourself during check-in procedures; instead, focus on welcoming everyone into your space as quickly as possible so everyone gets off on the right foot together!
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Event Apps are Easier for Students to Use than Paper Forms

Event apps are easier for students to use than paper forms. Students can fill out forms, check in and check out with their phones. Students have a greater sense of ownership over the event when they can interact with it from their own devices. It’s also more convenient for event organizers, who can quickly gather data about student attendance or make changes as necessary without having to print new copies of anything every time there’s a change in schedule or venue location. The ability to use a mobile app also means that parents can stay up to date with their children’s activities, which is especially helpful for families with multiple students at an event. Mobile apps allow parents to get information about the events their children are attending as soon as it becomes available, rather than having to wait until they receive paper mailers or newsletters in the mail.

Mobile Tools Can Increase Audience Participation and Engagement

Mobile tools can be used to collect data and reach out to students. One of the most popular uses for mobile technology at events is in collecting information from attendees, whether it’s through an app or a simple survey. This helps organizers better understand their audience and improve future events accordingly.

Mobile tools can also be used as a way of engaging with attendees on-site, especially when they’re waiting in line or otherwise not actively participating in an activity at hand–for example, by providing them with interesting content such as videos or photos that highlight past events held at your university (or other universities). This will increase interest while they’re waiting around at least marginally more than simply handing out flyers would do!

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An Event App Can Boost Ticket Sales and Help with Event Marketing

An event app can boost ticket sales and help with event marketing.

Event apps are an effective way for universities to promote their events and sell tickets, as well as manage registration and provide attendees with a better experience at the event itself. An event app lets you do things like:

  • Promote your event through email, social media, or text messages (via SMS). This helps you reach more people than if you only promoted it on the university website alone–and it also gives potential attendees another reason not to miss out!
  • Sell tickets via an e-commerce platform that supports credit card payments through a secure connection between your website or app and PayPal or Stripe (for example). If people don’t have cash on hand when they arrive at an event venue, having an option like this could be key in ensuring attendance rates stay high enough for everyone involved in putting together these kinds of experiences.* Manage registration by identifying attendees based on their ID numbers so no one gets accidentally left out due to double bookings.* Provide attendees with real-time updates about any changes made before/during/after their visit (e.g., traffic issues affecting travel time).

Event Software for Universities

Event software for universities is a great way to organize events and make them more effective. Event planners use event software to plan, manage and execute their events.

Event planning can be a challenge because there are so many moving parts involved in any given event. The main goal of an event planner is to create an environment that will allow participants to take part in activities that are relevant, engaging and fun! This requires careful planning on your part so that you don’t miss anything important when it comes time for your meeting or conference.

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University Events Need to Adapt to Modern Technologies

If you’re an event organizer, you know how important it is to keep your audience engaged and entertained. That’s why it’s so important to create a memorable experience for students by using new technologies that enhance the way they interact with your event.

Events are all about engaging in experiences that leave a lasting impression on participants–and today’s students are no different from any others when it comes to wanting something memorable out of their time at university events. While there has been some resistance from some members of academia against incorporating digital innovation into their events (some even going so far as calling such efforts “unnecessary”), many others have taken advantage of this opportunity by creating apps or other digital tools aimed at improving student engagement during university events like orientation week activities or graduation ceremonies.


We hope this article has helped you understand how technology can be used to improve university events, as well as the benefits of using it.

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