Watch: Emily Ratajkowski’s Bikini Shower Video Is Too Hot to Handle

Emily Ratajkowski's Bikini Shower Video Is Too Hot to Handle

Emily Ratajkowski has done it again. The model and actress took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a steamy video of herself showering in a bright orange bikini. The video quickly went viral, racking up over 2 million views in just a few hours.

In the video, Ratajkowski can be seen washing her hair and body in the shower. She also turns around to show off her toned backside. The video is set to music, and Ratajkowski lip-syncs along to the lyrics.

The video has been met with mixed reactions on social media. Some fans have praised Ratajkowski for her body confidence, while others have criticized her for being too provocative. However, there’s no denying that the video has generated a lot of buzz.

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Ratajkowski is no stranger to posting sexy photos and videos on social media. She has a large following on Instagram, and she often uses her platform to promote body positivity and self-love. In a recent interview, she said that she wants to help women feel confident in their own skin.


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“I think it’s important for women to feel good about themselves,” she said. “I want to show that you can be sexy and confident at the same time.”

Ratajkowski’s latest Instagram video is sure to continue the conversation about body image and self-love. She is an inspiration to many women, and she is using her platform to make a positive difference.

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Here are some of the reactions to Ratajkowski’s video:

“She is so confident and beautiful.”
“I love that she is not afraid to show her body.”
“She is an inspiration to women everywhere.”
“She is so sexy.”
“I wish I had her body.”

Ratajkowski’s video is a reminder that it is okay to be confident in your own skin. She is an inspiration to many women, and she is using her platform to make a positive difference.



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