Video: K-Pop band Blitzers learns steps to ‘RRR’ song ‘Naatu Naatu’

Video: K-Pop band Blitzers learns steps to'RRR' song 'Naatu Naatu'

A new video of K-Pop band Blitzers learning the steps to the Oscar-winning song “Naatu Naatu” has gone viral. The video, which was posted on the Instagram page of hello82, a South Korean-based platform, shows the members of the band practicing the choreography of the song.

The video begins with two members of the band, Woochul and Gochan, practicing the hook steps that Ram Charan and Jr NTR originally performed in the song. As the video progresses, the other members of the band join in, and they all dance to the song.

The video has been viewed over 1 million times on Instagram, and it has received thousands of comments from fans who are impressed by the band’s dancing skills. Many fans have also commented on how well the band members have learned the choreography, and they have praised their enthusiasm for the song.


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The song “Naatu Naatu” is from the Telugu film “RRR,” which was released in 2022. The film was a critical and commercial success, and it became one of the highest-grossing Indian films of all time. The song “Naatu Naatu” was also a huge hit, and it won the Best Original Song award at the Oscars in 2023.

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The video of Blitzers learning the steps to “Naatu Naatu” has shown that the song’s popularity is not limited to India. The video has gone viral in South Korea, and it has helped to introduce the song to a new audience. The video has also shown that K-Pop fans are interested in other cultures, and they are willing to learn about new music and dance styles.

The video of Blitzers learning the steps to “Naatu Naatu” is a positive example of how music can bring people together. The video has shown that people from different cultures can enjoy the same music, and they can learn from each other. The video is a reminder that music is a powerful force that can unite people.

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