Petrol is now cheaper than tomatoes in some Indian States

Petrol is now cheaper than tomatoes in some Indian States

” Tomatoes are now more expensive than petrol why?” Take a look here:

In some cities, the cost of this essential vegetable has skyrocketed to over ₹150 per kg, more expensive than a litre of petrol. Tomato prices in India have soared to unprecedented levels

In Bengal’s Siliguri, the price stands at ₹155 per kilogram, while Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh witnesses rates of ₹150. Delhi and Kolkata face prices of ₹110 and ₹148 respectively. Chennai and Mumbai seem to have slightly lower prices at ₹60 per kg (through fair price shops) and ₹58 per kg respectively. Tomato prices had crossed ₹100 in Bengaluru Similarly, in Telangana, tomatoes are priced at Rs 90 and in Kochi and other major parts of Kerala, the prices have hit the century mark. Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh and the financial capital Mumbai were also on the list of cities impacted by the sky-high tomato prices, with rates reaching Rs 80 per kg.

When you affectionately refer to someone as the “apple of your eye,” it might be time to reconsider that metaphor, as tomatoes have surpassed apples in terms of price in many parts of India.

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Media reports highlight the steep price of tomatoes in” Visakhapatnam, where they are being sold at ₹160 per kilogram, further adding to the concerns of consumers across the country.”

The sudden and drastic changes in tomato prices has had a treffic impact on millions of households across the country, exerting financial strain on their budgets or compelling them to curtail their consumption.

But is there any chance of prices coming down in the near future? Experts have stated that this would depend on when the Kharif tomatoes are released into the market.

However, the transplantation process has just begun with the arrival of the monsoon. This means that the Kharif tomatoes are unlikely to be available on the market before mid-August.

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As tomato prices skyrocket leaving wallets empty, it’s time to peel back the layers of this juicy conundrum and examine the impact on the everyday lives of the general public

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