Netizens pummel sightseers for driving SUV around lakes in Ladakh

Netizens pummel sightseers for driving SUV around lakes in Ladakh

Tso Kar and Tso Moriri lakes in Ladakh are recorded as Ramsar destinations. This implies that the region around the lake ought to be moderated with least human interference.

A video appearing insensible and biologically harming traveler action in Ladakh has been going viral online, with individuals calling out visitors for driving a car around Ramsar destinations — Tso Kar, Tso Moriri lakes.

The video shared by a Twitter client Mofussil_Medic (@Daak_Saab) appears an SUV dashing at full speed over what shows up to be a lake’s wetland.

While sharing this clip, @Daak_Saab composed, “Shared by a individual birder from #Ladakh… this idiocy is getting out of hand. This apparently “barren” scene is overflowing with #life- and the brief summer is when that life is at its crest. That as well at a Ramsar Location! These nitwits got to be named, disgraced and booked!”.
Tso Kar and Tso Moriri lakes in Ladakh are recorded as Ramsar locales. This implies that the range around the lake ought to be preserved with least human interference.

A Twitter user, “Yikes! Typically the most exceedingly bad one I’ve seen however. Tso Kar is an extremely fragile Ramsar location with feathered creature settling, particularly the Black-necked crane; among other warm blooded creature natural life. It is additionally an imperative and the as it were field save for Samad Rokchen migrants in winters.”

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Another person faulted the unchecked tourism in Ladakh and composed, “When you advance tourism too much in eco touchy zones this can be bound to happen”.

People too requested that the government ought to have strict watchfulness close eco-sensitive
ranges and uphold fines on offenders.
This isn’t the primary time that a video like this has gone viral. In April 2022, a video of sightseers driving a car through Pangong Pso Lake in Ladakh started shock. The video too appeared how a little table with liquor bottles and nourishment was set up on the lake’s shore.

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