Angelina Jolie’s Legal Team Slams Brad Pitt as a ‘Petulant’ Pretender over Winery Ownership

Angelina Jolie's Legal Team Slams Brad Pitt as a 'Petulant' Pretender over Winery Ownership

Angelina Jolie’s legal team has accused Brad Pitt of being a “selfish and immature” actor who is trying to “mislead the public” in their ongoing dispute over their French winery, Miraval.

The former couple, who divorced in 2019, are still fighting over the ownership and management of the estate, which they bought in 2011 and turned into a successful wine business.

Pitt filed a lawsuit in France last month, claiming that Jolie had breached their contract by trying to sell her 50% stake in the property without his consent. He also alleged that she had failed to properly maintain the winery and had damaged its reputation.

Jolie’s lawyers responded on Monday, calling Pitt’s lawsuit “a pathetic attempt to generate publicity for himself and his new movie”. They said that Pitt had no legal basis to block Jolie’s sale, and that he had been “neglecting and mistreating” Miraval for years.

They also accused Pitt of being a “petulant poser” who had “no interest or involvement” in the winery, except for posing for photos and attending promotional events. They said that Jolie had been the driving force behind Miraval’s success, and that she had invested millions of dollars and hours of work into the estate.

They added that Jolie had the right to sell her share of Miraval, as she needed the money to support their six children, whom Pitt had “abandoned financially and emotionally”. They said that Pitt was trying to “punish and control” Jolie by preventing her from moving on with her life.

The lawyers asked the French court to dismiss Pitt’s lawsuit and to award Jolie damages for his “malicious and vexatious” actions. They also urged Pitt to “grow up and act like a responsible father and co-owner”.

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